Thrift Shopping Haul: Turner Wall Accessory and Enesco Owl

Over the summer I went thrifting several times so I decided to gather my best finds and share them here!

Turner Wall Accessory, item: 1465 J205, category: Venice Scenery

I picked up this Turner Wall Accessory frame at Value Village. I did a bit of research on the Turner Company and found out that they were based in Chicago and thrived for about 30 years selling fine art to art savvy individuals. The company claimed the copyrights to reprint popular works of art but they also made contracts with current artists to sell their original pieces. Their prints ranged from elegant portraits of women to city and country landscapes. They company went out of business in the 1970s but many pieces are still sold online today.


A collection of small frames which I will use for various creative projects.
More frames except these ones are mini!



This Red Rose Tea “Wade Whimsies” owl figurine (circa 1980s) practically called my name from the glass case at Value Village. I have a handful of the Wade Whimsies collection from my Great Grandmother and seeing how I adore owls I bought this one too.

This vintage mushroom salt shaker made the perfect addition to my mushroom collection!
I found this gem and had to grab it! A Warner Bros. Enesco Harry Potter musical snow globe featuring Harry, Hagrid and Norbert. The song it plays is “Fantasie Impromptu”. I had a Harry Potter snow globe when I was younger but I made the stupid mistake of selling it at a garage sale (even after my Mom told me not to).
I bought a ton of books at both Value Village and Salvation Army. Two of the books, Watership Down and Never Let Me Go were titles I had been looking for for ages.
My Mom picked me up two vintage umbrellas from Salvation Army. This is one of the two. I love the pattern and the colour! My cat needed to inspect first, of course.
I saved the best for last, an owl creamer! I’ve seen owl mugs but never a creamer. This was part of a five piece set made by Enesco in Japan, circa 1979. I just wish the rest of the set was included!

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