Stamp Collection Update

Stamps, stamps and more stamps! They’re the first thing I look for when I walk through the doors at Michaels. The problem is that they can be surprisingly pricey so I always use a store coupon or root through the bargain bin for any new additions.

It has taken me a very long time but I have finally filled a shoe box full of stamps. Some were gifts, others were smartly purchased on sale and a handful were lucky finds at the thrift shop. Most of my collection consists of wooden block stamps but I have a few packs of clear cling rummer ones as well. Stamps are key in making my tile art because I use them to design the tiles and imprint the clay. Having a wide range of them helps me to create more diverse pieces so that no two are exactly alike. I can follow different themes or pick and choose stamps that represent the person I’m making the piece for. These are some of the most recent stamps that have been added to my shoe box.

This horse stamp was on sale and the smaller stamps came together in a bargain pack.
I lucked out with these large stamps, all of which were on sale. I had been wanting the Madonna stamp for months before and I was happy to see the sale sticker on it.
These packs were originally priced at $17.99 and I got them for $5.99! I also picked up a pack of coloured eyeball beads (on sale as well, of course).
I bought this wooden carved heart stamp at the Spadina Museum gift shop when I went to this year’s Gatsby Garden Party.
Halloween stamps picked from the bargain bin at Michaels.
Loving the detailing on this dream catcher stamp.
Out to sea bargain pack stamps from Michaels.
From left to right: Green cling Halloween stamps from Dollarama, “Time Flies” wooden block on sale at Michaels, Victorian Insect cling stamps, Egyptian Scarab charm ($1.99), wooden block set on sale at Walmart, mini tube beads from the Dollar Tree.

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