New Town, New Bedroom, New Beginnings

I know I have been MIA these past few months, but I haven’t abandoned this blog. My family moved to a new town, about an hour north from where we used to live, so I was busy unpacking and settling in. We lived in the same house for nearly twenty years and, as you could imagine, the move was a big change. With change, though, comes new beginnings and adventures!

During the move I wasn’t able to work on any of my polymer clay dragons or tile art. Several weeks passed before I could unpack my supplies, clear a work area and start conditioning clay again. Being creatively deprived for that length of time resulted in me making several commission pieces and finally opening an Etsy shop!


For ages people had been asking me if I had an Etsy and I had been considering  setting one up myself. With the move, I was faced with a fresh start and what better time to put that goal into motion than the present? Working up to the opening of my shop, I needed to build my “stock”. Between commission work I spent a good deal of time sculpting dragons big and small until I was satisfied enough to declare the grand opening.

Since starting up my shop I have been jotting down ideas for new dragon designs. My hope is to broaden my dragons to other accessories like hair clips and themed series. I have also been working on other clay critters and even learned how to crochet mushroom amigurumis!



When I wasn’t setting up shop or making dragons I was designing plans for my new bedroom. My old room was all built-in; desk, shelves, etc. Moving to this house meant I had no where to set up my computer, sort my books or display my belongings. Aside from the essentials, most of my room remained in boxes for the first couple of months.


I ended up finding a vintage desk, simple but just what I needed, at a consignment shop in town. Later, I bought a bookshelf for my literary friends to sit comfortably. The last major installments were my display shelves. I decided to go with “L” shelves because that seemed to be the best fit for the layout of my room.

My “new” desk and shelves to display my Living Dead Doll collection.
So many books, so little shelf space.

I am very lucky to have a Dad who is such a great handyman. I shared my plans and measurements with him and he set off to work. The end result was exactly what I envisioned and it felt so good to unpack my assortment of treasures and display them in my new room!

Display shelves my Dad built for me. I reserved the bottom shelves for my natural history collection and the top for my antique and thrifted treasures.
Purple bat curtains made by my Mother. Abigail approves.

More recently, my Mom lent me her interior decorator skills and we arranged a gallery corner on the two walls over my headboard. That corner was too bare so we arranged picture frames and other wall decor to spice it up, leaving room to expand whenever I choose to do so. My Mom also made purple bat curtains for my windows!


I am now spending much of my time taking commission work and creating new designs and products to list in my shop. This will keep me quite busy but there are plenty of trails to explore and antique shops to browse through in this new town; leaving plenty of opportunities for new adventures and treasures for me to share with all of you! Speaking of which, I have a couple of blog posts planned so stay tuned!


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