Roadshow’s 400 Antiques Mall

Last weekend I celebrated my birthday with my family over brunch at Eggsmart Collingwood Eatery and later, shopping at the Roadshow’s 400 Antiques Mall. My Mom and I spent more than a couple of hours winding in and out of the aisles and booths filled with all assortments of vintage treasures. In the end I came away with three new additions to my owl collection.

I just adored this one of a kind vintage flower dress!

The first was a miniature owl figurine I spotted in a glass cabinet. I have a Wade owl figurine but this one was smaller and its wings were outstretched. When the woman unlocked the cabinet and let me have a closer look at the little owl, I knew I would be taking it home for my miniature animal collection.

How could I say no to this tiny cutie?



The second was a vintage owl creamer with blue flower stamps and detailing. I have one owl creamer already but this particular one caught my eye because the opening was under the owl’s beak and I had never seen that before. It was this unique touch that drew me to the piece.


My third owl find was a vintage owl Aladdin gift lamp with an Underwriters Laboratories sticker under it (Issue NO. 77,361). I really like the warm glow it gives off at night!


I tried searching for more information on this owl lamp but haven’t found anything specific. If anyone knows more about it or any of the other owls I purchased, please let me know in the comment section below.


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