Purple Birthstone Dragon #8

Since starting school two years ago, I made friends with one of the kindest people I have ever met. She is so caring and always puts others before herself. When I first started my program at Seneca I never imagined that I would make a friend like her, but I did and I am so very grateful. She befriended me on one of my lowest (academic) days and we’ve been pals ever since. The funny thing is, and I’ve told her this on many occasions, is that I actually used to see her at the place where she worked before I even met her. It just goes to show how a stranger whom you frequently come across, can one day become your closest friend.


Well, today is my friend’s birthday and I wanted to get her something special but then I thought to myself, why don’t I make her something special? I decided to make her a birthstone dragon and spent a couple of days during my study week to sculpt the little creature, bake and paint it. After I was happy with the sculpt and the clay was hardened I gave it some colour using purple metallic shades. To finish it off I added her birthstone to the dragon’s brow.

This is the first dragon that I have included a certificate with. From now on, certificates will come with all of my future dragons. The certificate provides a summary of my work, including such information as methods on how to properly clean the dragons, my contact information, and the dragon number.


I gave my friend her gift last week and she was so surprised! The nicest part of making my dragons is sending them to good homes where they will be loved and appreciated!



Heart-tailed dragons


A few months back I was asked to make a pair of dragons for a couple whose birthdays fell a few days apart from one another. To allow the dragons to be separate yet still able to unite, I made them a little different. Instead of sculpting a spiraled tale, I looped each so when they became overlapped it looked as if they formed a heart.


Each dragon has a July birthstone embedded in its forehead to reflect the birthday couple. To further unite the pair, I painted their wings and horns emerald green but painted the rest of the dragons differently to suit the preference of each partner.

This dragon couple is my first piece that I have provided a display mirror with. The mirror perfectly reflects the underside colour of the wings, which would otherwise go unnoticed at first glance.


You can see more of my clay dragon creations under the “Dragons” tab above.

Clay mother dragon with babies

Ever since I started making clay dragons my older sister has been asking me to make her one too. Her birthday just past during the tail end of January so I decided a dragon would be the perfect gift. I wanted  the dragon to be special for her and different than the others I’ve made in the past. My older sister has two little daughters so instead of making a classic singular dragon I made a mother and two babies. I had it all planned out in my head and I was actually quite pleased with how it turned out. I decided to make the mother’s tail into a nest-like shape so the two babies could sit in the middle. I used a deep red gem for the January birthstone and metallic purple paint for the body. I wanted to make the babies similar to the mother to show a “family resemblance” but I didn’t want them to blend right in like chameleons so I gave them a metallic pink undertone. When my sister opened them my older niece pointed to the dragons and said “Look, that’s me and that’s you (her little sister) and that’s you, Mommy!” It was too cute! I would love to have some feedback as this is my first dragon “set”. Comment below to let me know what you think.

Emerald Winged Clay Dragon

Yesterday was the first day of 2015 and I was more than happy to spend it with one of my best friends since grade school. I hadn’t seen her since my birthday (way back in June) and since then her own birthday had passed as well. I decided to make her a birthstone dragon for the special occasion and the little creature ended up sitting in my room for quite some time before it was finally able to go home to its new owner.

Premo! Sculpey oven-bake clay is used to make all of my figures and tile art. Black is my preferred colour of clay because I find it gives the paint a richer colour and it adds for a nice shadow effect in the textures or stamps. Since my friend’s favourite colour is green I painted the body metallic peridot with metallic emerald wings and I used a ruby red gem for her birthstone.

I love making these little dragons that fit in the palm of your hand!

Custom Clay Dragon

For the past couple of weeks now I have had my hands full working on several projects and getting ready for school, which is why I have neglected to write any new posts. So sorry! Since I will be starting classes tomorrow I thought I would post something to ease my nerves (and I think it may be working).

This clay dragon was one of the projects that kept me busy last week. It is the first custom piece I have ever done and I am hoping to take more requests in the future! The girl I made it for specifically asked for the colour scheme of red/black and a purple gem.

As with my previous clay dragons I used black Sculpey Premo! to make this one. I like using Sculpey because it’s easy to work with but dense enough that it can hold fine details. Because these dragons are handmade no two are identical and as I continue to make more I use different techniques to enhance their overall appearance. For example, if you take a look at the wings on my first two dragons you will see a significant difference compared to the wings on this newer piece.

Size comparison photo

I just want to note that, as I mentioned above, I will be starting school which may result in less frequent blog posts from me. I already have some back up posts ready to go and I always jot down new material so there are no worries in that department. I will try my best to post on a regular (maybe semi-regular) basis so bare with the life of a busy college student! Thank you!

Clay dragons

Completed dragon.
March birthstone embedded into forehead.
Halfway painted.
Completed dragon.
Halfway painted.
My kitty so photobombed this picture…

Two of my cousins have had their birthdays within the past three weeks and I wanted to make them something special for the occasion. I have always wanted to make a clay dragon and I thought now would be the perfect time to make one (or two) and present them as birthday gifts to my cousins. I made the green dragon for my older cousin, and the smaller blue one for my younger cousin. Using black Sculpey Premo! oven-bake clay I formed the dragon’s snake-like body first, then I made the head, wings, feet, etc. For the eyes I embedded small black beads into the head and rolled a tiny piece of clay for each eyelid. I gently pushed a coloured gem (my cousin’s birthstone) into the forehead of the larger dragon so it could later be glued in place. After they had been in the oven for the appropriate amount of time I let them cool off and then proceeded to paint them. I used green metallic paint for the larger dragon and blue metallic paint for the smaller one, mixing white in to get lighter shades.

If you read my post Fairy in a bottle and other creations, you can see more clay creations of mine. In that post I write about how I made a clay fairy in a bottle “terrarium” for my little cousin’s birthday. Well, I made the dragon in a bottle for her older brother, so now both of them have one displayed in their bedrooms. The base for the fairy was easy because most fairies are depicted among mushrooms (fairy rings) and flowers, but I had to do a little more brainstorming for the dragon. In the end I chose to glue together white shimmery rocks to create a mountain top and because dragons love treasure I added plenty of coloured jewels hidden in the crevices. The diamond gem held in its tail is my cousin’s birthstone. I try to personalize each of my clay creations whether it be tile art or a figurine. In this way it becomes more special to the person I’m making it for because they can distinguish with it on a more personal level.